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The Essence is Free

AgOpenGPS is a free software/program designed primarily for tractor autopiloting. You only pay for physical equipment here and therefore it costs a fraction of the price of commercial solutions.

Its developent is based on the cooperation of farmers and it is far ahead of other systems in many ways. All features are included and available free of charge e.g. the end-of-table turn-around fund. It can easily be enhanced with automatic phasing. Full sprayer control and differential metering control are also available. 

I know some excellent programmers who spend about as much time on developing AOG for free as they do on their well-paid jobs (here they achieve much more spectacular results).

We are yet to see a machine that we could not fit AgOpenGPS to. For the MTZ we equip a more powerful motor. Fendt tractors prepared with the Danfoss PVED-CLS valve are connected to three CAN buses, Valtra, Massey Fergusson tractors to one CAN bus. For the control of the most closed John Deere tractors, the community also has a solution, be it with PVES or FEMA valve. We must tell you that as an AgOpenGPS user you can always count on the support of a helpful community (Facebook groups, Telegram channels, neighbouring farmers on the phone end).


Ars poetica

I am Sándor Szaszkó, front man of AgOpen shop, managing director of Szikkim Ltd., and a qualified electrical engineer. I have been working in the field of IT systems development, product and team design for two decades. Professional CV

I grew up in a family of farmworkers and since 2020 I am back at actively farming. My all-purpose tractor was equipped with a motorized AgOpenGPS in spring 2022 and my tillage machine with a hydraulic thumb in autumn 2023. Building a system that worked took months at first, I spent countless hours browsing forums, buying parts that were ultimately useless, but the joy of creation was with me throughout.

Our products are intended for those less motivated when it comes to digital challenges or have less background knowledge. Or just simply have less time.

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